Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Trip by Kartik Jobanputra

Mumbai, London, Iceland, Stockholm, London, Belgrade, Podgorica, Budva, Kotor, Niksic, 29 days, Phew! thats something i would like to say. From visiting international cities for model castings to exploring hospitality ventures and finishing with vinery visit in a private jet. If this is not the good life then what is! What Kartik Jobanputra was most impressed in this trip was with the nightlife in a place called HIll top in Budva. HE explains it as "insane". Now when someone who lives in Europe for the summers and is globe trotting for various investment opportunities and who is the fastest growing Lifestyle company back home, says "insane" it must be really worth visiting. We give a thumbs up to this club and are curious to know what is it that Kartik has struck this time on his trip that he has a grin on his face. Another set of wheels or this time its gonna be a set of VLJs for the swish set of Mumbai & Delhi!?! You never know......

Monday, 14 October 2013

Kartik Jobanputra

When the dollar hits the ceiling and everybody sees gloom in the economy, Kartik decides to bring in more international talent into India. Logic? If the rupee is falling more international tourists are gonna find India affordable. If India becomes more affordable a lot more dollar spends can come to people who attract world class service and aspirations. Thus offer global services from the western world in India by bringing them here. Kartik is keen on bringing international photographers and production crew to help  Indian brands create communication plan to entice the western world. It's all about demand and supply, and people whoa me the globe their oyster know exactly how to bridge that gap. Kartik loves the fact that he can spot the opportunity and within hours flies off to a city to milk it, he is in Cape Town a we speak and this time he is looking at closing a multi million dollar deal. Soon it will be a trend where countries will think of inviting Kartik not just for the lifestyle space but for bilateral trade with our country. And right now as we speak the Serbian government has agreed to issue employment visa's ONLY to Urban Model Management, and this is something we feel honoured for.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Kartik Jobanputra

Kartik Jobanputra is Engineer by qualification and passionate for fine spirit, the inevitable next step was to start a career in the liquor business. Having a tremendous learning experience, associating with India's finest multinationals and learning the art of liquor and its grandeur. Kartik Jobanputra foud his niche and also discovered other passions within the six years of his career, such as Events, Fashion and thus an event company saw the daylight, APEX ENT.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

1st cut on Kartik Jobanputra

Jet setter always on the prowl, is in London one week and then off to Budapest F1, owns a successful event company which focuses only on lifestyle segment. Besides owing a modelling agency in India & Singapore has interests in Hospitality & real estate. He is a young maverick who has helped many industrialists & HNI buy holiday properties in Europe and travel across the globe for exploring investing opportunities. He has a deep understanding of the Luxury business and is busy meeting brand managers who want to explore the Indian market. He has effectively launched Luxury brands like Roberto Cavali, Moet, partied with Axel Rose and good relations with the Bollywood set back home in India. Currently he is setting up a Business consulting firm in London and strategizing a few global brands entry into India. The day would not be far where cities like Mumbai & Delhi become the hub for international business deals and KJ wants a piece of that pie.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Kartik Jobanputra

Passionate about fine liquor & been over 6 years associated with the business ; brands like Peroni , Castle lager , Amarula , Jose cuervo , Remy Martin wine houses like Zonin , Nederberg etc has only increased my growing fascination for the closely knit liquor/lifestyle industry .... fine liquor is closely threaded with the fashion & lifestyle industry . Luxury events , brand launches was but a natural extension of the path that was to follow . Since then Apex Ent has had many of the finest experiences & looking forward for many more...


Specialties:Organizing lifestyle events,Licenses,Brand launches,Pr